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Restorative Breathing offers consulting so that you can help yourself through this active participant program. We guide you through natural movements to do daily at home that wakeup and integrate your 12 cranial nerves in the brainstem back to their natural function. 
 Our approach is to find out which cranial nerves are working out of sync with one another, and remind them of their role in taking care of your body. Once the brainstem is functioning at its highest ability, this can reduce or eliminate an endless list of symptoms that you may be experiencing. A few common chief complaints of cranial nerve dysfunction are anxiety, insomnia, sleep apnea, processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, digestive troubles, autism, and so much more.
While every single person can benefit from a stronger brainstem, each person's path to achieve integration may be different. During our first visit together, we evaluate your cranial nerve function through the Dynamic Functional Cranial Nerve Assessment Tool, and we offer a customized plan to achieve your wellness goals.
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