18 month long program to learn about the Cranial Nerves, NeuroSequencing, and how you can incorporate it into your work. 

  • 6 modules of in-person courses 

  • Commitment contract and deposit required

  • Demonstration of mastery required after each module

  • Attendance to all courses is mandatory

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Module 1  

Reviewing Restoring Breathing Method: Level I

Dynamic Functional Cranial Nerve Assessment



Module 2

Reviewing Restoring Breathing Method: Level II

Midline Anomalies



Module 3  

Typical and Atypical Infant & Child Development

Baselines with CO2

Module 4  

Sleep & Human Performance

Baseline with HRV 

Module 5

Brain Remapping

Baselines with CO2 & HRV

Module 6  

Full Body Integration